Lots 1 through 15 shall be restricted to rear-entry duplex units containing at least 1,300 square feet per side. Roof pitch shall be at least 6/12 and all roofs must be of at least thirty year shingles and conform to all City of Lubbock building codes. All garages and driveways shall be located roughly in the center of the lots; that is there must be approximately fifteen feet between the property lines and driveway to allow room for public utility installations.

Lots 16 through 45 shall be restricted to homes containing at least 2,000 square feet and must have front entry garages. In the case of two story homes, at least sixty percent of the square footage shall be on the first floor. Only heated and cooled living space shall be counted.

Lots 46 through 76 are restricted to 2400 square feet with rear entry garages only. Side entry garages will be allowed on lots 46, 50, 51, 65, 66, and 73.

All construction shall be at least eighty percent masonry, all roofs shall be at least 6/12 pitch with at least a thirty year shingle or other lifetime roof.

Stucco is specifically prohibited but synthetic epoxy based stucco texture is allowed. No experimental house designs will be allowed such as adobe, geodesic domes, or all steel exterior construction. Nothing in this restriction is intended to prohibit steel frame construction.

Building is expected to commence within one year of closing date. If construction has not commenced within one year, the developer will have the option of repurchasing any such lots for the closing price, plus an amount of money equivalent to any interest that would have accrued based on the prime interest rate at the time.

A brick entryway containing a "Bacon Crest" sign will be placed on lots 1, 30, and 31, and the owner of those lots will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of said entryway.

All second phase lots (76 through 141) will be 2,400 square feet minimum with rear entry garages. Side entry garages will be permitted on corner lots 79, 80, 87, 88, 103, 104, 115, 116, 132, 133, and 141.

For complete restrictions during each phase of development, please consult the documents below: